I’m no techie, why would I read a Software Development blog?

Why?Don’t get me wrong, I could sit down and write a very technical blog, which I’m sure would have every techie in the world hanging off my every word. But there is one problem with that, I’m hardly going to sell any software development services to software engineers.

This blog is instead focused on the end users of software. From the largest decision makers to the junior staff member who has been wrestling with “computer says NO!” all day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would love it if every reader went out and purchased a $100,000 system from us tomorrow, and I will unashamedly be including little snippets about what we could do for your business in posts from time to time. But you can relax, as for the most part I will be giving little gems about what sorts of things will make a good database system, and the things to avoid like the plague.

So what sorts of things will you seen in this blog? Well you’ll see ideas and suggestions which you can use in your business. To improve what you are doing and how you’re doing it, idea’s as to what you can do to save money and make customers happier. Ultimately how you can push that no doubt very expensive computer system you’ve had installed in your office to its maximum potential.

I’ll also put in the standard disclaimer; I work for MBITS as their Principal Software Developer. This means that my job is to both run our software development team and find new projects for our team to work on. However unless otherwise stated at the start of a post, this blog reflects my views and does not necessarily represent the views of MBITS.

Also if you ever have any questions about software development, databases and the best way about getting thing done, feel free to ask me questions in the comments fields or contact me via my LinkedIn profile.

Andrew Newnham


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