Time to vent, tell me what you hate to see in software

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

OK everybody, time to vent. What do you hate about the software you are forced to use at work? If you could change something about the systems you use on a daily basis, what would it be?

Now in a way you are helping me with market research. When my team sits down at meetings we discuss how we expect people to use software, we’ll read over technical blogs on system design, user experience and even look at some commercial software made by large companies to get ideas of what people will and won’t like. We no doubt dedicate way too much time to this, and we all have different opinions on the matter, but all that said we are still only taking guesses on how our end users would want to use our software.

For me personally, user experience is a big one. User experience is a catch all which covers how a piece of software looks including where buttons and text boxes are placed, how it operates, and everything to do with what you end up seen on the screen. For me, if the software designer has not got that down pat they can have the best system in the world hiding out back, but if the screens I use to operate that piece of software are less than stellar, then it detracts from the whole experience of using that software.

So, in the interest of stamping out practices which we developers do due to ignorance, what would you love to see changed in the systems you’re forced to use each day?


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