One system to rule them all

Image courtesy of SweetCrisis / FreeDigitalPhotos.netNo doubt at one stage or another, you’ve experienced problems caused by your company having multiple database systems in place which store similar data, and yet none of the databases talk to each other.

This can either become very frustrating for customers who call up, and find that the records you have on them are incorrect because the customer service rep has looked in the wrong database, and it can become time consuming and expensive because your employees have to do triple the data entry work to make sure the same data is in all systems.

This is when you do one of two things,

1. Consolidate

Can you simply merge the multiple systems together? Is it possible to configure one system to do the job of the other system as well? If it is not possible using the systems you already have is there a 3rd party option which can do the job of both systems?

This sort of consolidation removes unneeded redundancies. There is savings in employee time, reduced maintenance and licensing costs.

2. Link the systems

Most systems have some degree of data which they share with other systems, such as a person’s name and address. If consolidating systems is not an option, perhaps linking the two systems is. By linking the two systems you can ensure that data remains consistent and current across both systems.

So this week, have a think about what systems you are currently using. Are there any systems which all have the same data in them? Also think about how much duplication of work is costing you to have employees needing to use multiple systems.


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