Making road warriors as effective as the guy sitting at his desk

mobile phoneThat little mobile phone sitting in your pocket is a powerful thing. It contains more computing power than the computers that flew a spacecraft to the moon and back. It can put you in touch with virtually anyone else on this planet, and it most likely contains a sizable collection of your favorite music and movies. You may have even downloaded some business apps or games to your mobile phone to keep track of things and pass the time. But what if I told you that you could also use your mobile phone to tap into your corporate database and use it as if you were sitting in the office?

Most mobile phones sold these days have a web browser built in. If you are using phones such as iPhones, Android or Windows Mobile you may also be able to download and install applications, just like you can on your desktop computer. This means that there is a variety of ways you can give those who are out on the road access to your corporate systems as if they were sitting in the next cubical over.

Having this level of access available is not limited to just road warriors who rarely see the office. It can also be a great asset to sales people, managers and executives who may need certain information quickly, but are temporarily out of the office.

So this week, have a think about all the meetings you’ve been to, where access to the corporate database during the meeting could have been helpful. Be it to place orders, or be it to bring up reports and stats to field unexpected questions.


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