The hit by a bus policy

busHere is an interesting if not slightly morbid thought, what would happen to your company if one of its key people was hit by a bus tomorrow?

In most businesses they take the assumption that if someone is to leave, there will be a 4 week notice period where that person can sit down with another staff member and impart their knowledge of clients and systems. Furthermore unless that now departed staff member has intentions of burning bridges when they leave, most former staff members would be happy enough to answer a quick 5 minute phone call.

Problems arise however if the staff members departure is sudden and unexpected, for example they are involved in some sort of accident which renders them incapable of working. If that staff member had not been keeping corporate databases up to date, or worse had no formal database system to use, a business could very easily find itself stuck in a position where the knowledge of key files, important meetings and discussions are locked away in the staff member head. There is no telling what sort of effect this could have on your businesses bottom line.

So this week, review what systems you have in place to record down important data, and furthermore make sure that all your staff are using those systems to document what is happening within your business. Consider it an insurance policy, in case the worst should happen.


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