About Me

About Me

Over the last 12 years, I’ve worked on a variety of IT projects, some small, some big. I’ve built systems for the local plumbing business and I’ve built systems that have been used in forming business deals worth nearly a billion dollars.

I’ve seen projects which have been massive failures and I’ve seen projects which have been massively successful. Most importantly I’ve learnt the lessons from each.

In my current role I’m the Principal Software Developer for MBITS. This means that I run our software development team, assume the role of project manager, and find additional work for the team. I’m basically the glue between the development team and the clients.

As a result my role is part sales person, part project manager, although I don’t see myself as been exactly in either of these two roles. I am also still a technical person which means I am comfortable sitting with my developers and talking technical talk. I also find myself in front of customers happily talking to them avoiding the technical jargon.

Now before I sense the flurry of red pens ready to pick out errors in my spelling and grammar, please note I am not a writer, I have never been a writer, and chances are I never will be a writer. So please take the content as you see it.

Finally, yes feel free to link to any of these posts from your own sites, you may even copy a paragraph or two provided you acknowledge this site as the source, but please do not copy entire posts without first asking permission. If you do link to this site from your own, let me know, I may even return the favour.





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