Use workflow to deliver on time and in budget

Over the last week and a bit I’ve explained what is workflow, and how you can use it so that things don’t get lost in the system, and as a manager that’s all well and good. But no doubt what you really care about is how using it will allow you to deliver your products both on time and within budget.

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Workflow – Avoiding “lost in the system”

broken linkOn Monday I posted an article asking What is Workflow?

Here is part 2 of the series,

I’m sure we’ve all dealt with the infamous “lost in the system”, where we’ve gone to use a company’s services, and somewhere between team A and team C the job gets “lost in the system”. As a victim of this myself, I can assure you that customers are rarely tolerant of jobs seemingly going nowhere. In my case I ceased dealing with the company and took my business to one of their competitors.

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