Surviving that OMG moment

Well you’ve really put your foot in it this time, you’ve just accidentally deleted the record of your most valuable client. Panic sets in as you work out how to explain that massive multi-million dollar hole in the budget where that client’s revenue used to be. The CEO is not going to be happy about this. Continue reading


Making road warriors as effective as the guy sitting at his desk

mobile phoneThat little mobile phone sitting in your pocket is a powerful thing. It contains more computing power than the computers that flew a spacecraft to the moon and back. It can put you in touch with virtually anyone else on this planet, and it most likely contains a sizable collection of your favorite music and movies. You may have even downloaded some business apps or games to your mobile phone to keep track of things and pass the time. But what if I told you that you could also use your mobile phone to tap into your corporate database and use it as if you were sitting in the office?

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One system to rule them all

Image courtesy of SweetCrisis / FreeDigitalPhotos.netNo doubt at one stage or another, you’ve experienced problems caused by your company having multiple database systems in place which store similar data, and yet none of the databases talk to each other.

This can either become very frustrating for customers who call up, and find that the records you have on them are incorrect because the customer service rep has looked in the wrong database, and it can become time consuming and expensive because your employees have to do triple the data entry work to make sure the same data is in all systems. Continue reading

Does reporting match reality?

graph-paper-magnifyingglassEach day you make strategic decisions based entirely on the variety of reports which you have received from your database systems. What if I told you those reports where wrong? Was your decision to increase the supply of Blue Widgets to Sydney a good one? Did you really just make 300 sales in that market?

Whilst you can provide staff training on using the system appropriately, that will only go so far if the reporting tools are not up to scratch. Continue reading

Let’s do a weeks’ worth of work in 10 minutes

Doing a weeks worth of work in 10 minutes will make you this happyWhat if told you it is entirely possible to do your entire weeks’ worth of work in only 10 minutes?

I’m going to cast my mind back a few years, 2008 to be exact. I’ll set the tone for you, I’m sitting at a workstation, and next to me is a PA who is sitting there absolutely stunned in amazement, for I have just done 5 days’ worth of work in 10 minutes. Continue reading