I could tell you, but I’d then have to kill you

network padlockI was going to start this post with something along the lines of “ever since James Bond said those immortal words”, but it actually turns out it was the character Maverick in the movie Top Gun who said it. But for the sake of this article let’s just pretend that it was a 007 line.

You don’t need to have the level of data they have in spy movies to have a need to protect it. Any time you ask a client for their name, their email address, their postal address, or any details about their interaction with your company, you now have an obligation keep that data safe. Continue reading


Some security myths busted

safeIT Security is one of those things that many myths and half-truths have appeared. Now as a non-technical person you might be wondering “but why does this interest me?” The reality is security is often looked at by non-technical people in terms of the cost to implement, rather than a more accurate what is the cost of not implementing.

Over the years I have read a lot of advertising material from various companies. Some of the claims made in them have gone from a basic misunderstanding of how security works to just some pure A grade bulldust.

The following 4 myths are things you need to be aware of when reading advertising material from database vendors. This is hardly a comprehensive list, but if you are a decision maker reading over sales pamphlets these are certain a few good things to remember. Continue reading